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Snail Bob 2 Game

snail bob 2In the puzzle game, a player has to help Snail Bob 2 move across levels overcoming hurdles.  There are 25 levels that get more and more challenging as Snail Bob proceeds each stage. Now, each stage has a set of obstacles which can stop Snail Bob from proceeding. Using flipping buttons, turning cranks and sliding Snail Bob from one point to another, the player has to reach the exit. Cleverly designed and creatively set, Snail bob players need to be quick with their hands and concentrate hard. If not careful, then Snail Bob 2 will can get electrocuted, burnt or have a fatal fall. As the game progresses, Snail Bob faces a genie as well as wolf pharaoh and has to overcome the stages.


snail bob 2 gameAlong the way, the player has to help Snail find three stars in each level. These stars will be like a hide and seek game for the player. The star will be hidden in the scenic view of the stage or decoded into small pieces that need to be put together. It could also be hidden behind a boulder or a soldier. You can find a star as a reward if you reach a particular point of the stage that helps Snail proceed to the next task in the stage. The stars are also artistically concealed behind pyramids or the trees. However, you will be doing two tasks at one time – helping Snail cross the stage without getting killed as well as searching for the secreted stars. If you are able to collect all the three stars before Snail Bob 2 reaches the exit, you will score extra points. Interestingly, the story of the cute snail is that he visits his grandfather who shows him a time-traveling device. Snail Bob is fascinated by this and asks his grandpa if he can go on an adventure to Egypt. Knowing the challenges that snail will face if he takes the ride in the time traveler, his grandpa vehemently refuses to let him go.  
Snail Bob 2 is a part 2 of this interesting puzzle Collection, developed by Andrey Kovalishin. This match has exceptional images, suitable for many ages, particularly children and families. It is possible to experience this match in your own browser as it is actually a flash video game. In this game you are going to get a handle on Bob - a cute snail. Bob was awarded a Flower pot by his own grandfather and he was very content. Bob decides to create a gift and attracts it into his grandfather's house. Nevertheless, the path for Bob's grandfather is likely to be very challenging. This game has many levels, each level is a challenge for you personally. You Will control Bob and over come the obstacles in a dangerous forest (this forest is between Bob and Bob's grandfather's house). Observe: Bob will automatically move forward. You must click on any object in the map to help Bob move forward. To get Example, you have to move spikes to build a safe path for Bob and you have to click the Fanto help Bob fly high to cross the complex terrain. Fantastic luck and have some fun! If you like this sport, you can also play with other games with the exact same Game play this as 3 Pandas 2: Night, Wheely 2... or you may play with other  

Howto Play Snail Bob 2:

  Use mouse to regulate in this particular game.

Tips and Tricks:

  You are able to turn the sound on/off on the game screen. You are able to play with this game in fullscreen mode. This match has 19 languages for you to play.  


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