Snail Bob

About Snail Bob

snail bobYou are playing as Bob, a super-snail hellbent on escaping his plight, and you need to use your snail-y skills and gadgets put around one to achieve that. There is not actually a storyline; you merely must get the hell out of there as quickly as the snail trail will take you. It is time for Bob to locate a new residence, and you are just the ticket he wants. Bob was made homeless by a building firm’s callous acts, and now you have to make your way through a string of challenges and mayhem the business has left behind. Bob’s skills are a couple, but they are pretty brilliant. In fact, we do not understand what his skills are. We only know that Bob is amazing, and that is what counts.

Game Story

snail bob unblockedBob has a larger resume compared to James Bond, and he is not completed yet. A few of the puzzles may find somewhat challenging, but they are never dull. Twenty degrees and three distinct worlds keep things interesting, and also the rise in problem is balanced nicely. There are not any abrupt jumps from fairly simple to ridiculously challenging. There is also the hidden challenge of amassing three stars per degree. The hiding stains are diverse, with a few being markedly exposed while some are disguised quite brightly. Locating stars may provide you bonuses like increased speed, and therefore don’t pass them up! Bob’s life may depend on it. Perhaps it’s the exceptional game mechanisms, or maybe the snail’s situation has touched our hearts. Snail Bob is merely one of these games which offers an addictive gameplay experience which defeats the chances despite inferior development and absence of plot. We are curious to find out what experiences Bob belongs to next. Fantastic luck, dear pig buddy. May salt not find you.